Essay on Research, Roles, And Values

Essay on Research, Roles, And Values

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Research, Roles, and Values Essay
Providers of nursing care have a huge responsibility to patients. Providers of care are required to provide a patient-centered type of care. Research and evidence-based practice indicate that patients recover faster when they receive respect, value, personalized care, and support. Consequently, the evidence-based practice provides a number of aspects. First, care providers are expected to show unwavering respect and genuine care to all patients regardless of their background, which leads to improved quality of care (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Secondly, caregivers are expected to listen and openly share information with patients and their relatives, especially when making a critical decision that involves surgical procedures (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Theory knowledge compels the caregiver to share the decision making and ailment management process with the patient for improved outcome. Research in evidence-based practice indicates that disease prevention is the best way to offer high quality care to a patient. It is thus the responsibility of the caregiver to educate the patient on disease prevention strategies and how to maintain a state of wellness. Primarily, the outcome of evidence-based investigation point towards the need for increased promotion of a healthy lifestyle to avoid lifestyle-based ailments (Fain, 2015). Consequently, providers of care are encouraged to focus their attention on a given population (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Specialization in clinical care shows positive results in relation to the improvement of the quality of care.
Givers of care are required to remain transparent in their duties to make it easier for subsequent care provision (Fain, 2015; Marquis & Huston, 2015). Pro...

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...ity services to patients.
The first reason for pursuing a BSN degree is for personal and professional development, which aligns with professional values of high quality care for patients. My second reason for obtaining a BSN degree contrasts professional values because it will make myself more marketable in the profession rather than improve the quality of care. The third reason is aligned with professional values because it seeks to enhance nursing care, improve the provision of human dignity, and integrity.
Providers of care are required to provide a patient-centered type of care. A specialization in care shows positive results in relation to the improvement of the quality of care. All healthcare providers are expected to show steadfast respect and genuine care to all patients regardless of their background, which leads to improved quality of care for everyone .

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