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After a 90% drop of Tasmanian Devils, the Australian Government responded quickly by making a nationwide breeding program held in captivity. Keeping animals in captivity or a zoo helps them not be classified as an endangered species. The animals held in zoos can avoid natural disasters and predators. So, keeping animals in zoos protect them from disasters, keep them healthy, and make zoos come together as a better zoo.
In a like manner, Australian zoos are breeding disease-free Tasmanian devils as insurance against the facial cancer that killed 80% of the wild population (Australia). he Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia simulates a termite mound for their chimps, so they have a food source that they are used to (Taronga Zoo). Along with that the London Zoo provides the gorillas with hidden fruit in ice during summer, so they can have a healthy and refreshing treat (London Zoo). The Melbourne Zoo is breeding Corroboree frogs and 15 centimeters long Lord Howe Island stick insects which are also known as land lobsters (Melbourne). Corresponding the Taronga Zoo is in the process of breeding critically endangered Booroolong and Corroboree frogs (Taronga). Sydney, Australia once had over 30,000 wild elephants, but over the years that number has dwindled. In addition to, the Taronga Zoo, they are successfully breeding elephants back to the state of not being endangered (Sydney). Similarly, the Adelaide Zoo released captive-bred yellow-footed rock Wallabies and brush tailed Bettong. These species were tagged so the zoo
keepers and scientists could monitor how they were doing in the wild. Their results were what they were hoping for, the Wallabies and Bettongs were adapting to their habitat (Adelaide). Equally important, because of the cap...

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... veterinarians and the zookeepers (animal). A study proved that animals want challenges and complexity rather than just space. So, the zoo provides challenges or creative ways for animals to obtain their food in their area (zoo). Thankfully zoos in the 21st century are taking the challenge to be a better zoo or conservation everyday (Thankfully). Also, if we lived in a perfect world there would be no need for zoos or conservation organizations. Additionally, we wouldn’t be living in a time when animals were endangered or becoming extinct (living).
Keeping animals in zoos educate children and adults. The money from admissions go to more research for a better zoo. Breeding animals in captivity helps their population grow. The animals get an active and creative way to live in a zoo. So animals staying in a zoo or being in captive is a good thing and should be continued.

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