Research Questions On Teaching English Language Learners Essay

Research Questions On Teaching English Language Learners Essay

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Analysis of Data and Results

The report presents and analyzes the data collected for the study on teaching English Language Learner students. Two questions were the base of this research.

Analysis of Research Questions:

1. Are teachers exhausting every source to help English language learners?
2. Are the teachers prepared to teach English language learners in schools?

Research Question 1

Are teaching exhausting every source to help English language learners? The teachers’ attitudes towards the English Language learners’ learning vary and this is a potential factor that can severely impede full development of the students. Figure 1 shows the preferred model for teaching English language learners in the classrooms.
Figure 1.

Perhaps, the teachers decide to use the pull-out model, which consists of forming small groups of students and teach them, rather than the push-in model, which including the students in content area material. This is because sometimes the teachers did not know how to plan for them because the content area teacher did not provided with material for them to teach the ESL students. Therefore, collaboration between the teachers can help the students keep up with their English-speaking peers; this way, ESL students can succeed. Table 1 presents a survey taken by teachers of English to students of other languages.

Table 1. TESOL – perceptions on collaboration

On table 1, we can get a sense of what are the attitudes towards really helping the English language learners through any means. Some teachers reported that when they find collaboration fun and that eases the workload for them; however, more than half (56%) content teachers did not find collaborations helpful for them neither for the students.


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...rtheless, teachers should try to collaborate with each other and fully commit to the idea of meeting the students’ needs in the classrooms.


The study revealed the teachers’ attitudes and perceptions towards the English language learner students’ learning. However, the findings obtained from the survey are from a small group sample and localized to a particular are of the United States. Some recommendations are to involve a larger group sample of teachers to find out whether they would like to collaborate with other teachers to enhance the English language learners’ learning. Moreover, this study can be performed in individual schools and they compare the finding of the students’ academic achievement at the end of the school year. A collaboration study can be assessed in school, and then compare the development of the students at the end of the year.

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