Research Questions On Secondary Research Essay

Research Questions On Secondary Research Essay

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 Secondary research

When considering how to meet their objectives and to answer their research questions, some of the researchers consider the possibility of re-analysing data, and then they use the data that was not gathered directly and purposefully for the project consideration but have already been collected for some other purpose. They are known as secondary data (Hair Jr, Celsi, Money, Samouel, &, Page, 2011, p.111; Saunders, Lewis, &, Thornhill, 2000, p. 188).

There are number of advantages and disadvantages of secondary data.
Advantages include;
1. More convenient, cost effective and time saving
2. Easy access to the data
3. Best for longitudinal studies
4. Data can be comparative
5. Can lead to unexpected new discoveries

Disadvantages include;
1. High quality and reliable data access is difficult or costly
2. It can be inappropriate for your research
3. Difficult to verify reliability
4. Less comparability
5. Data can be out-dated
(Wilson, 2014, pp. 187-196)

 Qualitative research

Qualitative research is which reveal a target audience’s range of social behaviour and the perceptions that drive it with reference to specific topic and issues. It provides insights in to the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses. Qualitative data comes from nature, and it has implications for both its collection and its analysis. However it deals with huge number of raw data such as visual data, observation and documents and interviews with individuals (QRCA, 2015; Saunders, Lewis, &, Thornhill, 2000, p. 188).

There are some strength and weaknesses in qualitative research:

Advantages of qualitative research include;
1. It focuses on the operation of social process in considerable depth.
2. It gives broa...

... middle of paper ...

... workforce system by giving training; training is one tool which keep them in the job (Holzer, 2010; Tella, Ayeni & Popoola, 2007). And also company need to establish safety at work place. Mostly in fast food industry workers need the protection, security, stability and dependency (Fomenky, 2015).

Salary and wages can be used as a motivator effectively, every one of us works for money and it has become the most significant motivational strategy. Because, money has the power to attract, retain and motivate workers towards higher performance. For example, Mc Donald’s pays higher than average fast food industry wages, it is not only for the attract employee but also to motivate crew members of the company. Moreover, financial incentive or reward must give to the workers, which would motivate them to work and perform well with more satisfaction. (Ukandu & Ukpere, 2014)

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