Essay on Research Proposal On Canada 's Airport Security

Essay on Research Proposal On Canada 's Airport Security

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Canada’s Airport Security
Marvin Mati
Jake Davis
PSI 203 0LA
October 15, 2015
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Research Proposal on Canada’s Airport Security
Throughout the history of aviation, criminals and terrorists have used airports and aircraft to orchestrate various forms of unlawful activities. Examples as such, criminals using general or commercial aviation to smuggle goods and drugs, or terrorists and special interest groups using aviation to garner geopolitical attention. In the mentioned cases, aviation has provided a platform for expedient distribution channels for drug peddlers, criminals, and a public stage for terrorists and special interest groups. Aviation is imperative to sustain the economic existence of world commerce, the flow of knowledge and information throughout society and the movement of people and goods. Therefore, it is critical that those in charge of safeguarding the aviation industry are ardent at coming up and implementing judicious systems that are efficient in aiding to alleviating terrorist and criminal activity (Price and Forrest, 2012).
Purpose of the Study
This research project will aim to investigate the current state of Canada’s airport security, the airport security preparedness for terror or criminal activity mitigation and the techniques used to enhance airport security.
What is the current state of airport security? Reports of any cases of security breaches should be addressed in this case. How does airport security prepare for anticipated security breaches? The aim here would be to investigate whether the airport security teams are reactive or proactive. What the various security protocols carried out? This would be to investigate whether passengers, airline personnel, airport p...

... middle of paper ...

..., where she teaches security, strategic intelligence, and terrorism. The author is a retired Lieutenant. Colonel and worked in the US Air Force until 1999. This source contains information on risk management, technological enhancements in matters pertaining aviation security, cargo security and much more.
Terrorism is a global issue that has affected a good number of countries at some point and not just in Canada. Enhancing security in the aviation industry would go a long way in curbing terrorist and criminal activities because airports are a good entry point for individuals or groups that engage in the acts. It is for this reason that research needs to be carried out in order understand better how airport security works and how it can be enhanced in Canada.
Lastly, recommendations will be made concerning the issue of airport security in Canada.

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