Research Project: Women In Advertisements Essay

Research Project: Women In Advertisements Essay

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As we dive farther into the 21st century the way we communicate with mass media is also evolving. Newspapers are dying in the print form and making a transition to the online platform, TV is also switching online so consumers have the freedom to watch at their own convenience instead of following the TV guide, and much of the media is fading into the hands of the public and they are gaining control due to camera phones and blogs. But advertising is one aspect of the media that still can afford to put its efforts in every medium, including magazines. Although print magazines don’t have the power they once did as everything changes to online, I still think they are very impactful, especially when it comes to their advertisements. They are often full page and in color and most magazines are around 50 percent advertisements . Yet, I find this to be troubling when it comes to women portrayed in advertisements. To this day women are often represented by stereotypes in the media. These advertisements are everywhere and in every kind of magazine. Even though women have come a very long way in terms of being treated equally, there is still a long distance to go. I believe it is culturally conditioned in our heads, and advertising has a lot to do with it. So although women have become more independent, less submissive, and more career-driven over the past 50 years, gender stereotyping and sexism in photographs in advertising has not decreased.
I believe the epitome of sexism in advertisements originates in the 1950’s. A wide range of products would get attention by stereotyping women and therefore reinforcing their role in society. For example in an advertisement from Schlitz, it says “Don’t worry darling, you didn’t burn the beer” (Fi...

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...der stereotyping in advertising, the affects are still a big problem. Media images of women have had a big part in contributing to women’s “second-class status in society” . The media has limited their contribution to both wider issues like democratic discussions and their roles in their personal lives. Although there have been distinctions made between sex and gender, the media is responsible in part for putting men and women into separate gender roles based on their sex . Women have been culturally conditioned to be the weaker, submissive sex and the use of stereotyping women in advertisements has validated those gender roles within society. And although these stereotypes are conditioned from more than just the media, changing the way women are portrayed in magazine advertisements could potentially make a big difference in the way women are viewed in society.

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