Research Practicum for the Social Organization of Work Essays

Research Practicum for the Social Organization of Work Essays

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This paper analyzed change implementation, the factors that surround it, the resistance to computerization in an organization, and ways to overcome it. Throughout the paper these topics will be applied to the Target Furniture Hyper Market. Researching this topic will further the understanding of computerization in an organization, the negative and positive factors surrounding it, and how to properly implement it. The final paper will conclude with recommendations to manage this change within the Target Furniture Hyper market. The case of Target Furniture Hypermarket Target Furniture Hypermarket has been gradually introducing a new team-oriented management structure to its 14-person firm over the past few years. The seller and producer of furniture plans to decentralize its management by implementing self-managed work-teams. The teams are expected to enhance business operations and will affect every aspect of the company, from the way meetings are run to how clients are served. Target Furniture Hypermarket picked up on the new strategies by recognizing what make them competitive with other firms were doing. The computerization of the Target Furniture Hyper market will bring the employees farther into the process of managing the company and giving them the chance for more input into the decision-making process. Another aspect of Target Furniture Hyper market restructuring is focusing on a complete overhaul that will involve continual upgrades and improvements. Most companies focus on implementing a piece at a time, but Target Furniture Hyper market strategy is to put the components together in a cohesive program. "All of the pieces need to be in place for them to work well." Target Furniture Hypermarket’s owners are practicing w...

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...iness owners can pick and choose which of these many models will work best for their company, manipulating emerging technologies is not as easy. Features such as e-mail, Web pages, and integrated telephone systems are all becoming standard business tools, not rare phenomena. The easy access on information on how to run a business is creating more savvy operations and the next five years will breed phenomenal changes as the technology continues to impact all levels of the business world.

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