Research Paper: Why Isabel Allende’s Literature Should be Studied in College?

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Why Isabel Allende’s works of literature should be studied in college?
​Isabel Allende is a writer that offers the reader a different writing style. Isabel has had experiences that no other writer has had. Isabel has been able to use her imagination to tell her personal life in a way that is appealing to the reader. Isabel is a Chilean that was born in Peru. When asked about her childhood, she described it as “absolutely miserable”; even though her childhood was “miserable” she succeeded and became one of the most influential Latin American writers (Bertodano). Isabel’s works of literature have the power to inspire and teach college students a different writing style and culture.
​Isabel’s past is full of tragedy and sadness due to her family’s connections to the Chilean government. Isabel traveled to Chile with her mother after her parents got divorced. Isabel’s life improved significantly after she got married and got herself a reputation as a successful journalist. All of it changed after her uncle, Chilean president Salvador Allende, was killed. The persecution against Salvador’s family and friends led to the "creation” of Isabel Allende. Isabel’s first book “The House of Spirits” became a worldwide bestseller. Isabel had to overcome many obstacles living in Venezuela. Isabel got herself out of her own exile. Isabel was able to write “The House of Spirits” thanks to her grandfather who she could not see, because of her exile. Allende’s grandfather was dying. Isabel started writing a letter to her “dad” knowing that he was not going to read it. Isabel said “I think I write fiction but I don’t” This summarizes how Isabel’s writing style has a different approach to literature. She uses something that is more realistic and appea...

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...books are vivid stories of what she had to go through in order to get where she wanted to be. Students would beneficiate from Isabel’s willingness to overcome whatever obstacle was on her road to success. The house of Spirits gave Isabel “freedom.” In her first novel, she expresses her dislike for dictatorship. Chile got divided, when Augusto Pinochet came to power. Overall Isabel’s stories are unique, because they reveal what countries like Chile go through when they overthrow the president. Isabel’s stories have positive reviews because they are relatable; she is not the only one that left Chile. Isabel has written tragic stories about her life that leaves the reader grateful and exhilarated (qtd. in “Paula”). Isabel’s creativity could help educate college students about the role of women in today’s society, Chile’s culture, and a different approach to literature.

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