Research on Use of Online, Internet, and Email Service Essay

Research on Use of Online, Internet, and Email Service Essay

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Overview of this Study
In this study, I propose an exogenous causal model and the intervening concepts in the prediction of factors that influence utilization of internet. A majority of these intervening factors are drawn from available literature. Nonetheless, most of these intervening variables are rarely addressed together. Researchers consider a handful of these variables. This research considers the contribution of these variables to the utilization of Internet. Data for analysis in this research is drawn from Office for National Statistics (ONS) under the Opinions (Omnibus) Survey. This data made it possible to add more variables apart from variables considered by researchers’ works explored in the literature review.
This research adopts secondary research data from Office for National Statistics for a survey done between years 2005 and 2009 (Jones, 2010). The reason for adopting this approach is due to the complexities that come with collecting ample primary data for such an investigation. This institution is highly reliable and has the mandate to collect data on various issues. Its tools of research are ultramodern making it possible to rely on the information gathered.
Sampling was done for the first three months of the year. In each month, 1,200 participants were interviewed leading to 3,600 participants per year. By the end of the exercise, 18,000 participants had been interviewed. This survey also considered a survey in US where 50,000 households were investigated every month on their utility of internet under Current Population Survey (CPS) under the Computer and Internet Use Supplement. Further information was gathered from Office for National Statistics (ONS) on internet distribution where an estimated 70% ...

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...ucation (r = 0.92). Age weakly and negatively relates to information on goods (r = - 0.04), traveling and accommodation (r = - 0.07), news (r = - 0.10), and health (r = - 0.14). Age group weakly and positively relates to internet banking (r = 0.15). This shows that age groups have higher proclivity towards use of internet for entertainment purposes as compared to other variables explored in this section.
C) Correlations and Standardized Multiple Regression Coefficients for the Causal Model
(Beta Standardized Multiple Regression Coefficients (

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Jones, P. (2010). Equality and human rights commission triennial review: Education (lifelong learning – Internet Access and Use. Southampton: School of Education, University of Southampton.
Kara, C., & Wei, F. (2007). Use of the internet and traditional media among young people. Young Consumers, 8(4), 244-256.

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