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Research on the Policy
The Code of Ethics Handbook (Velu & Loh, 2010), states that “We address concerns about a person’s professional integrity, behaviour or conduct to that person in the first instance” (p.30). Conflict becomes a major issue when it’s unsolved and starts affecting quality of the centre. Conflict is common among staff and the key to the solution according to the statement above is to find a solution soon and not to prolong.
According to Rodd (2013), the centre’s quality lies in the staff collaboratively working and their unwavering unity. Managing conflicts is a skill and it can be acquired by anyone. Conflict will occur and can’t be avoided. “Conflict only becomes unhealthy and unproductive when it is not handled effectively (p.103). Unresolved conflicts will result in further conflicts. Lack of communication, miscommunication, power struggle, lack of resources, poor management are among a few of the reasons for conflict.
The Code of Ethics Handbook (Velu & Loh, 2010), suggests looking into conflict the moment it arises and this is further elaborated by Rodd (2013), saying that the more the issue is left unsolved, the more the unhappiness surround it will grow into other issues.
Conflict among staff has an adverse influence on their optimism and it affects the quality of learning and care that they provide the children and they will be unhappy with their work environment (Waniganayake, Cheeseman, Fenech, Hadley & Shepard, 2012). Waniganayake et al., (2012), have also said that an ethical workplace environment is where everyone is “respected and valued” (p.147). The ethical aspect of dealing with conflicts is to respect each individual.
The leader of the centre has responsibilities to clear up the conf...

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...king well and why we need to improve on the policy. Determine the outcome of the new policy, why it is better than the previous and how it differs. Put all the information into a draft policy.
Next step will be to speak to the management about this policy by providing them with the draft. Get the stakeholders of the centre’s feedback. They will include the supervisors, principal, management and even the staff. Review the draft with the information and refine it. Get a final approval for the new policy.
Plan for the implementation of the new policy and inform the persons who come under the policy. They will consist of all the staff of the centre. Constantly monitor the policy’s effectiveness. Make assessments of the policy when in process and review it. If need be the policy can be and must be amended according to the needs of the centre.

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