Essay on Research On Primary Parental Child Care And Involvement

Essay on Research On Primary Parental Child Care And Involvement

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Historical, research on primary parental child-care and involvement has been focused on the female partner in relationships (lamb, et al. 2014). Moreover, the majority of research that does exist, studying father involvement revolves around the negative effects of distance fathers (lamb, et al. 2014). Notwithstanding, in recent years there have been strides to better understand how families with a male figure as the primary caretaker differ from women, there is still much to room to grow.
Another new trend in family research is that of same sex families with children. As well, there is a great deal of research on lesbian couples with children, there is still a shortfall with regards to understanding the differences between lesbian couples and gay couples.
One idea to better understand how to increase the involvement of male caretakers is to look at parent child relationships that only have male parents. However, there is still a need for more, and in-depth research on gay parental relationships, nonetheless there have been strides in understanding the similarities, and differences, between gay parents and male-heterosexual parents.
A future direction of research, that could benefit the family science’s will be to develop, evaluate, and implement programs that increase father interaction within the family. Combining those programs with current and future programs aimed at increasing family health could provide better overall results for healthy family development.
In 2013 an estimated 2 million children were being raised by homosexual couples (Erez, & Shenhman, 2016). In 2010 a survey revealed that only 7,100 adopted children were living with gay couples (Lamb, et al., 2014). More recently these numbers have had the opportunity ...

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...r, female mother, and sex-gender matching children. Within the family there are roles that fall into typical gender norms. The mother does the cooking and cleaning, the father is the primary income, the male children play with GI Joe, and the female children play with Barbie. In reality this notion of family is dwindling away in and being replaced by a hodgepodge of mixtures, but in family science this type is still considered the norm to which all others are compared.
When looking at Gay families through the scope of family systems theory one of the largest offsets between a traditional family, and a gay family, is a change in the triadic structures. In a gay triadic relationship, the structure will be father, father, and child. Further research is essential to determine if there is a difference between this type of system and that of the nuclear family systems.

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