Research on Mammography Prevalence Amoung the Lower Class Essay

Research on Mammography Prevalence Amoung the Lower Class Essay

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I did a sufficient research to find a reliable source to take data from. First, I considered contacting a hospital to take data about this project but I had some difficulties and couldn’t get data. Therefore I decided to find a reliable source that posts data to public. I found that American Cancer Society has the data I need. After a brief research, I found this source to be most reliable. I took data from their website where they post researches and investigations. The link to the source is given in the references part in the last section. The table below gives the mammography prevalence rate (%) within the Past Two Years by Age and Poverty Status in the US. The selected years are 1987-2010. And the selected age period is 40-49 years. The data is collected for three different groups: Poor, Near Poor and Non-Poor. Poor persons are defined as below the poverty threshold. Near poor persons have an income of 100%-199% of poverty threshold and non-poor persons have an income of over 400% of the poverty threshold. The data tables are given below:
Mammography Prevalence within Past Two Years (%)
Year Poor Near Poor Non-Poor
1987 (1) 19 18 44
1990 (3) 32 39 69
1991 (4) 33 44 70
1993 (5) 36 48 70
1994 (6) 43 48 70
1998 (10) 45 47 73
1999 (11) 51 53 77
2000 (12) 47 44 76
2003 (15) 51 54 72
2005 (17) 42 50 74
2008 (20) 47 47 73
2010 (22) 48 46 74
Table 1: Mammography Prevalence Rate
The data given in the table above (Table 1) is taken from American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013-2014 report . For each data set, we can easily say that the mammography prevalence rate increases over time for every poverty group. Also the steepest increase is found between 1987 and 1990. For the initial and final time, near poor individua...

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...r percentages is 11.17% which can be considered small. In this project, I learnt to develop functions of curves that are cubic, logarithmic and quartic. I also modelled the data using the Logger Pro software and presented it. This project uses reliable data from a reliable source and all calculations are checked with technology, so this project could be counted reliable. However there are some limitations. Presenting the data could be done better with different programs other than Logger Pro. Also these functions are not reliable for future predictions because there is no linear proportion between the poverty and mammographic prevalence. New parameters should be added into the model in order to make it useful to forecast future but it would be very complex in mathematics. This project can be a good mathematical modelling representation of a particular data set.

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