Research On Funded Nfl Stadiums Financing Essay

Research On Funded Nfl Stadiums Financing Essay

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Literature on Publically Funded NFL Stadiums Financing
A literature review has been performed to recognize how publically funded NFL stadiums are financed and through research, a greater understanding of how the economics of the stadiums impact the communities that are committed to them. Literature has been carefully chosen to demonstrate the true cost of these stadiums to taxpayers and if these practices make financial sense to the public that is supporting them.
The Value of an NFL Team to a Community
Quality of life can be valued using markers such as favorable weather, distance from the ocean, or affordability. Others care for locations that feed the appetite of sports lovers; finding a location that is the home to an NFL team, it may not be their favorite team, but it gives them an opportunity to be a spectator to the number one sport in America (Schwartz & McGarry, 2014). With having such NFL teams in our communities comes the experience of sitting in state of the art facilities that provide an abundance of amenities that range from high speed Wifi connectivity, watching g...

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