Research On Ethical Leadership Shaping Employee 's Job Performance Essay

Research On Ethical Leadership Shaping Employee 's Job Performance Essay

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Bandura’s (1997) social learning theory aligned with Bouckenooghe, Zafar, and Raja’s (2015) previous research on ethical leadership shaping employee’s job performance shows similarity in cognitive, behavioral, and environment factors relating to government shutdown. According to Lorente, Salanova, Martinez, and Vera (2014), social cognitive perspective by Bandura (1997) and job demand-resources model by Demerouti, Bakker, Nachreiner, and Schaufeli (2001) demonstrated a stronger theoretical framework on personal resources, self-efficacy, perceive mental, and emotional competencies. Lorente et al. (2014) confirmed that personal resources (emotional competencies, mental, and self-efficacy) play a predicting role towards job resources (job control, social support, and supervisor) from their empirical research on self-rated performance among construction workers (Lorente et al., 2014). This dilemma is what Weiss (2002) and Greenberg (2008) describe job dissatisfaction as the moderator on positive or negative attitudes from individuals regarding employment and work environment. Government shutdown is associated with delays in pay and the release of workers from duty connected to Rozell, Pettijohn, and Parker (2011) empirical research on varieties of attitudinal and behavioral issues among white and blue-collar worker. These scholars found that dispositional affectivity (tendency to see things in a positive or negative way) impacts job attitudes and behavior. To this point, van Veen, Bezemer, and Karstan (2011) expressed that there are no theoretical or empirical work done on how contracting officers could implement these adoptions phases within their organizations; hence, Brass (2014) and Madsen (2015) point out that management of...

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... may include: effects of managerial behavior actions during the furlough process and the effective government programs generated from organization furlough lessened learn. The controlled variables in this study are the age and gender of the government “non-excepted” contractors, which leads to moderators such as the effects of furlough on single parents, elderly contractors, disability workers, and veterans, could generate sub-topics.
Furloughed government contractors specifically “non-excepted” employees plays a vital role in federal workforce, but the continuation of furloughing these employees negate CWB-I and CWB-O which negatively impacts their WLOC affecting job satisfaction and job performance. The purpose of this study is to examine furloughed government “non-excepted” contractors’ WLOC and its relationship with job satisfaction and job performance

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