Research on Employer Branding Essay

Research on Employer Branding Essay

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Research Scope
The scope of the research is described by the definition of the following relevant terms:-
This research focuses on a Financial Services Institution ability to attract and retain talent based on the employer brand. The research will draw from the experience as evaluated by using existing, past and potential employees.

1.3.1 Employer Brand
Employer Branding is a context that is focussed on the package of functional, economic and psychological benefits provided by the employment and identified with the employing company (Zikmund, 2003). Public perceptions of the Employer Brand can be analysed using the Best Company to Work for (BCTWF) survey questionnaire to establish the role and relevance of the Employer Brand to become the employer of choice
1.3.2 Employees and Job Seekers
Employer brand is relevant and of interest to all participating in the employment sector particularly in financial services. This includes existing, looking to leave and past employees of the institution. Active job seekers are considered to be particularly well positioned to pass comment on the perception about how the role of the Employer Brand has an effect on the attraction and retention of talent.

1.4 Research Motivation
The research is motivated by an interest to understand and explore existing frameworks followed in using the Employer Brand to attract and retain talent. There is a rise on the importance of corporate and global brand and in recruiting for talent; the use of the intangible asset and intellectual capital can be source of strategic advantage.
Knowingly or unknowingly, the employer brand gets talked about and it is these conversations that influence the ability of an organisation ...

... middle of paper ...

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