Essay on Research On Communication And Training Gaps

Essay on Research On Communication And Training Gaps

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A literature review is an analysis of articles researched on a narrow topic and included as part of a paper. The articles listed are part of the research on communication and training gaps that exist in patient care. Lack of communication and training can lead to patient errors, job dissatisfaction and gaps in Evidence-Based Medicine/best practices.

Judd, Maureen, M.S.N., R.N. (2013) discussed the importance of nursing education in preparing individuals to meet the health care needs of patients and providing quality care. Nurses are taught communication skills in nursing school; however, there are many other teaching opportunities. Nurses can attend conferences, have a nurse mentor and also through experience. Lack of communication skills can lead to job dissatisfaction and ultimately staff turnover. Up to 61% of new graduate nurses leave their first job within a year. This article shows the importance of communication skills between all staff, nurses, providers and patients.
Mullan, B. A., & Kothe, E. J. (2010) researched the relationship between the students self-rating of their communication abilities and their satisfaction with a training course as compared with an objective measure of communication skills. This research study included 209 first year nursing students that completed a communication skills program. This study compared both qualitative and quantitative data. The results showed significant improvement in the nurses self-rated abilities over the course of the training program. Overall, the students were very satisfied with the course. “However, neither self-rated ability nor satisfaction was significantly correlated with the objective measure of performance, but self-rated ability and satisfaction were highly c...

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... attendance, and t from the effects on patient care and safety. This article was chosen because the nursing staff at Arbor Health Plan feels that they are not being treated appropriately by the director and are left to make their own mistakes and learn by error. Although the nursing staff has never called the director a bully, this article seems appropriate for the actions.

Hewitt-Taylor, J. (2004) described the principles of the development of clinical guidelines and care protocols, and explores their application to intensive care nursing. The purpose of the study was to discuss the Clinical guidelines are to assist nurses and providers with providing the best approach to treat a patients diagnosis and to provide effective care. This paper shows the importance of correct usage of the guidelines and also the importance of utilizing the most current information.

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