Essay about The Research On Cloud Computing Project

Essay about The Research On Cloud Computing Project

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As we see that there are more five additional activities that are been added to the Gantt chart, where the new project start with the internal research on cloud computing with other teams under the Environment Technologies Program has been developing a schedule and many others are researching about the cloud computing project. Then we identify the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field. Here this function will help in giving the complete information about the project. The next additional activity is from the IT staff we have collected the complete information about cloud computing. After the complete research and gathering the information the team has went to England to attend the meeting here they can discuss new project of IT computing. After all the tasks of new activities it takes almost one week to resist a solution of whole complete project. The outcomes of the project and the requirements have ensured that it has been finish early or in time.
Each team member has been work for fulltime to this project. In some cases, the project team has a part time working team. Team members have other work responsibilities and dedicated only a portion of their time to project. They may not report directly instead of that they will let to know to functional manager in their department. The team members are constantly demand their projects manager to work the team members begins its work. It is important to make sure to decide that a team requires resources that may be assigned the project team. There should be lack of commitment to the project with some formal comities to discuss the project outcomes. It’s too hard to develop an effective team member for a project. We require a human resou...

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4. Project Cost Management
4.1. Cost estimate
The budget of the project was $500,000. Initial estimates suggest that about $300,000 budgeted for this project will go to internal staffing and the rest to outside sources. The project has both contingency reserves and management reserves that amounts $100,000.We assume that burdened labor rate of $100/hour for the project manager and $90/hour for Teresa, James and Le and $ 80 for Matt. We also assume that the cost of the outsourced labor is $200/hour. There is a big program meeting in England next month and that cost is about $6000 per trip. This travel cost will not include in the in internal labor. As, the project has both contingency and management reserves, Veronica project sponsor will arrange the travel cost from the reserved money. Finally the cost estimate of our project is $94,540.00 which is under budget.

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