Research on Adolescent Brain Development Essay

Research on Adolescent Brain Development Essay

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Adolescence is a time when many teenagers are struggling to determine where they fit in the world. No longer a child, but not yet an adult, issues surrounding the decisions and rights of adolescents prove to be a difficult subject to tackle. Adolescents are gradually awarded various privileges such as the right to drive, smoke, and drink, meaning there is no clear defining moment when an adolescent is fully considered an adult. Because of this, research on adolescent brain development should be heavily considered when resolving issues surrounding the well being of adolescents.
One major change to the brain during adolescence is that which affects an adolescents’ need for sensation seeking. Because of the changes in dopaminergic activity, rewards may seem even more rewarding to adolescents (Steinberg, 2009). This mixed with the idea of the personal fable can result in dangerous outcomes for the individual (Steinberg, 2011, p. 62). The addition of peers to a vehicle while driving significantly increases the risk of an automobile accident. Considering this along with the research rega...

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