Research Methods Used in the Research Process Essay

Research Methods Used in the Research Process Essay

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Research methods (RM) are a critical concept in the research process. It requires that the researchers be cognizant of how data will be analyze, assess, and applied in a study. Moreover, the strength of statistical, internal, construct and external validity are grounded in RM. The framing of good research questions aid in the selection of the proper design for a study, which leads to the adoption of the preeminent methodology for data collection. Hence, research methods include qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods and are derived from a distinct philosophical worldview. Therefore, section one of this paper analyzes two articles via a quantitative strategy. Section two employs this same strategy as it relates to constructs of my dissertation proposal.

Section One
Article One Analysis
problem statement. The early stages of forgiveness research focused on self, dispositional, relational forgiveness interventions. However, very little is known about forgiveness interventions in relation to older adults. Thus, investigators of this study seek to examine the effects of brief forgiveness intentions in the context of this developmental stage.
purpose statement. The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the effects of brief forgiveness interventions via group psychoeducational approaches. Researchers utilized established core components of previous tested interventions and approaches that were geared towards older adults.
hypothesis. Allemand, Steiner, & Hill, P. L. (2013) propose four hypotheses concerning that study: H1. Forgiveness psychoeducational interventions decrease the motivation for revenge in older adults; H2. Forgiveness psychoeducational interventions increase benevolence motiv...

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...ons. Although the demographics of participants may present some limitations for study, it nonetheless provides critical insights for future research. For instance, the participants in this study were educated young adults. Thus, the study outcomes might be different for those in another developmental stage, i.e. older adults. Literature is replete with data outcomes suggesting that religion promotes forgiveness. Hence, it is easy to become stuck in that paradigm. Since clinicians cannot afford to ignore a client’s religiosity when in counseling, this study contributes to the field of psychology because it aids in the shifting the aforementioned paradigm by helping clinicians understand how religion and spirituality may contribute to a client unwillingness to forgive. Such knowledge may aid psychotherapist in modifying their approach in helping clients.

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