Essay Research Methods Of The Human Resource Research

Essay Research Methods Of The Human Resource Research

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Experimentation research methods mainly use manipulation as well as controlled testing so as to develop causal relationship among variables. It is very useful in making conclusions from a certain observation or behavior of a variable (Lewis, 2008). There are a number of experimental designs which can be used to conduct research in the human resource department in an organization. They include true experiments, repeated measures, time series and quasi experiments. Any methods to be used in this case should meet three basic criteria that is ability of variables to be randomly assigned, usage of appropriate measures and experimental control. In the human resource experimental research can be used to collect data related to performance and analyzed so as to rank employees. In such a case there should be constants which are assumed to be equal in all circumstances such as ability of employees, roles of management and environment of working so as to avoid confounding.
Experimental methods such as time series and learning curve are applicable in coming up with conclusions regarding employee performance by looking at areas such as productivity and contribution to the overall profitability of the organization. Specifically field experiments will be used in collecting data from the employees and managers at workplace (Guba, 2005). Observation methods is another important approach that can be used in collecting data in an organization setting so as to provide a comprehensive report on employee performance. Generally there are a number of observation methods that can be used which includes complete and detached observer as well as hawthorn effect. In human resource participant observation can be used since it allows the observer to take up ...

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...ler, 2006).
An example of the organization where these methods has been used widely to improve human resource productivity is the Ford Corporation where management uses a number of tools so as to ensure there are no biases in performance management and the intended goals are achieved. Lowers chances of the personnel from participating in decision making. Experiments especially done in laboratory can result to harmful health impacts to the people. Requires use of perfect conditions so as to get accurate results which may not work in real world setting. Affect motivation of employee especially by use of observation as they feel they need freedom which might affect production negatively. There is also a rigid procedure which may not adapt to changes in the environment. Procedure and methods are standardized and may not follow the practices and values of the society.

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