Research Methodology For Data Collection And Analysis Essay example

Research Methodology For Data Collection And Analysis Essay example

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Research Methodology
Research methodology and techniques is a way to conduct research, to explain and justify what the research methods and techniques will follow to get research findings. Inaugurating the best suitable methods and techniques will develop a sound research. Selecting suitable methods and techniques is not an easy task. This research will plan as an outline for data collection and analysis to address research questions and objectives. 2nd reference
Research Design
This research proposal will use the ‘research onion’ (Saunders et al, 2012), in order to clearly plan research methodology and design it provides a framework design for the research process. By understanding and analyzing the research onions of various layers and identify the appropriate philosophy, approach, and strategy to adopt, and match with the research title and objectives. This study will follow a qualitative interpretive paradigm (Santos, V., Goldman, A., & Souza, C. R. B. 2012) used this kind of qualitative analysis for inter team knowledge sharing for agile software development. "The key idea behind qualitative research is to learn about the problem or issue from participants and engage in the best practices to obtain that information" (Creswell, 2007). The study will use different qualitative data collection techniques and interpret the results by using interpretivism philosophy. In the interpretivism philosophy the research will conduct by reducing bias and therefore enabling the advent of thoughts, viewpoints, and sentiments (Henning 2004). According to (Saunders et al, 2012) there are two widely used research approaches The first research approach is deductive approach and its ground is considering general premises and reached to specific c...

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...ying mainly semi-structured in-depth interview with relevant stakeholders. During the interview, notes will be taken and informants will also be tape-recorded when permissions obtained and immediately transcribed using the informants’ own words. This interview approach will involve different software companies, students who are working their internship in the software development companies and working their final year graduate projects. This multiplicity of participants is important to find all-inclusive appreciation of the totality of their experiences. Observation will also be used to collect the data about how the scrum team share knowledge with the graduate students and how students seek knowledge from the scrum teams. In addition to this the research will observe how students use the knowledge that seeks from the scrum team for their final year graduate papers.

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