Research Measures : Relationship Assessment Scale Essay

Research Measures : Relationship Assessment Scale Essay

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Research Measures

Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS)
Hendrick (1988) developed the Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) to measure relationship satisfaction of individuals in romantic relationships. The RAS is a 7-item scale designed to measure general relationship satisfaction. Respondents answer each item using a 5-point scale ranging from 1 (low satisfaction) to 5 (high satisfaction) (Hendrick, 1988). Items 4 and 7 are reverse-scored. Scoring is kept continuous. The higher the score, the more satisfied the respondent is with his/her relationship (Hendrick, 1988).

Internalized Homophobia (IHP)
The Internalized Homophobia Scale is a proven reliable and valid 9-item measure of sexual stigma developed by Meyer (1995) which was adapted for self-administration from interview items developed by Martin and Dean (1988). This scale has proved internal consistency and has been well researched. Results from a Sign, Dew, Hays & Gailis (2006) study found that internalized was negatively correlated to social ease and self- disclosure. Internalized Homophobia in same-gender relationship. may manifest differently because of the intersectionality that bisexual women of color experience (race, gender and sexuality).

Collective Self-Esteem Scale (CSES)
The Collective Self-Esteem Scale (CSES) (1992) is a 16-item scale measures four types of self-esteem associated with one’s group. In particular these four types are: (a) membership esteem: how good or worthy a member of the group one is; (b) private collective self-esteem: how good one’s social groups are; (c) public collective self-esteem: how one believes others evaluate one’s social groups, and (d) importance to identity: how important one’s group is to one’s self concept. The ...

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..., need to look no further than online forums, Facebook groups, or Tumblr pages. The researcher will advertise to Facebook groups: Bisexual Women of Color - BIWOC,, Bisexual Organizing Project-BOP, with the hopes that researcher will be allowed access to other closed groups and that the survey will be distributed/shared to other applicable members. The researcher will also recruit participants through LGBT organizations in Philadelphia and neighboring cities such as : Mazonni Center, GALAEI, William Way LGBT Community Center, COLOURS Organization Inc, SisterSpace in Philadelphia, Bi-Unity in Philadelphia, The Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Pittsburg, PERSAD in Pittsburgh, The Northeast PA Rainbow Alliance, LBT Women of Erie, Eerie Sisters and Rainbow Families of Erie. The research aims to collect data from over 300 participants.

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