Essay about Research Is An Integral Part Of The Academic Society

Essay about Research Is An Integral Part Of The Academic Society

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Research is an integral part of the academic society, and most of the universities engage in research. It usually goes a long way to help in the widening of individual knowledge and creating awareness of some areas including socio-economic and socio-cultural findings. In a bid to make the research more involving and provide beneficial knowledge to all parties in the society, the community-based research has been initiated. This is an effort by the academic researchers to incorporate the non-academic individuals of the community in a collaboration that will help in making findings that will help in social action and generate a positive social change. All this will be made possible with the involvement of the various knowledge sources and the research methods that will be implemented in the study (Soska, 2006). Unlike the original research where the questions come from the academic researchers, in this case, the questions originate from the communities that live out of the University. It requires that all the shareholders who are both the community and the academic researchers get involved in every stage along the way.
In the field of study, there is the action research and community-based research, there is a difference between the two and should not be confused, the action research is methods that are used to try and achieve some change in society while also learning more about them. According to Troppe (1994), social science tries to generate knowledge and also help in the formulation of solutions to the problems that may be faced by the social systems. The principles of this research method include the use of cycles where there is doing the act and thinking of the repercussions and also trying to use data to understand the situa...

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...o will be involved in the research work and enhance the students understanding the capacity of the social issues that arise and affect the society in general. The community-based research has been identified as a more successful research method than the traditional way, and it is slowly becoming the contemporary new method to acquire the knowledge needed.
Although the community-based research is more appreciated in the research field, it also has its challenges that arise during the study, for one it require more time in the field for interaction with the community and also if one is not a native which in most case it is usually the case with these research issue. It is necessary for one to learn the language and culture of the people around the area before they can begin in deep research. It is also difficult when looking at the faculty level as most universities

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