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Research Framework

3 Research Methodology:
3.1 Research philosophy:
The philosophy of research can be divided into two broad methods of reasoning; deductive and inductive researches. These two methods of reasoning are different in a way to conduct research. Inductive reasoning is more open-ended and used to understand of new or unknown phenomena. The theory usually follows data and the finding is difficult to replicate. In contrast, deductive reasoning is narrower in nature and is concerned with testing or confirming hypotheses. This study employs deductive research. It begins by examining theories related to leadership and e-commerce. The hypothesis is developed by the assumption that the level of e-commerce adoption depends on the characteristic of leader in the organization. The study also applies quantitative research, which data will be collected through questionnaire.
3.2 Data collection Method:
There are two types of data available when conducting a research: primary and secondary data. Primary data is the data that researchers collect by themselves. The main advantage is that the data are directly collected toward the purposes of the research at hand. However, the disadvantage is that it will take a long time to collect the data. It also costs a lot and probably difficult to access the right respondents.
This study employs survey technique as a tool to conduct a quantitative study. In developing questionnaire I got help from my supervisor and literature review especially Kittipong (2005) and Donald Clark (2010). Self-administered questionnaire was developed and sent to selected sample via email and by hand with respect to approach and convenience. The questionnaire was divided into thre...

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...rce services would dramatically increase in the near future.

Further Research:
According to my limited knowledge there is no other study conducted on this topic in Pakistan. It means there is room for it and it requires more research.
Due to limited time I couldn’t have the appropriate sample. So this study can be conducted with big sample to get representation of whole Pakistani organizations.
This study can be done in different perceptive.
1. By changing the data collection instrument Leadership questionnaire. There are other instruments available to measure leadership style.
2. This study measure attitude about advantages of e-commerce, disadvantages can be included.
3. Leadership style is not only factor to adopt e-commerce .Others factors can be included in the model like education, revenue, market share, size of the company and customers’ perception.

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