Research Directions : The Diabetes Cancer Connection Essay

Research Directions : The Diabetes Cancer Connection Essay

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Research directions - part 3 - The diabetes cancer connection

After watching the video, I came to know that there is a connection between type 2 diabetes and cancer. People who are having type 2 diabetes are at risk of several different kinds of cancer. So, to reduce the risk of cancer, the diabetes people have to control their blood sugar. A lot of people have diabetes because they are insulin resistance. There is a strong connection between and obesity and insulin resistance. Therefore, the overweight people are at more risk of getting cancer than normal weight. Overweight women are at more risk of getting postmenopausal breast cancer. They have more body fat, and the excessive body fat is the primary sources of estrogen production. So, the overweight women have higher level of estrogen to promote the cancer. Basically, insulin resistance seems to be significant to other types of cancer. The most important thing that we have to do is control our weight. To control our weight, we need to eat a healthy diet. The recommended diets are fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains because it provides oxidants that help to decrease inflammation in the body. The daily exercise also help to control weight. Generally, to avoid the risk of getting cancer, we have to adopt our healthy life style.

Prediabetes: What can you do?

This video gives a lot of helpful information for the people, who are Prediabetes. If a person knows that he/she is prediabetes, it is very important to take action as fast as possible. Prediabetes is a progressive disease. If people take action on time, they will be prevented from getting diabetes. They have to be very careful with their diet like what they are eating or drinking. It is better to drink water, ice...

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...hing in a salad is lean beef. It is good for mothers to rebuild their irons, so it is a supper food. Though walnuts are fat, it is very health. It is a great source of omega 3. Therefore, breastfeeding mother has to take walnuts as it provides essential fatty acids, which is essential for breast milk and brain development of a child. Avocado is another monounsaturated fat, which is rich in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. Yogurt is good for lactose intolerance mother. It provides calcium and helps to rebuild the bones. Raspberry and apple are best food for breastfeeding mothers. They are rich in fibers, so it will help the moms if they are constipated. Dry cheery is also good as it is the good source of melatonin, which can aid to sleep. It is the easy, quick, and healthy meal for busy parents. This is a great video as it gives me idea what to take when I breastfeed.

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