Research Critique : Nursing Research Essay

Research Critique : Nursing Research Essay

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Research Critique
Tintu Thomas
NRS-433 V Introduction to Nursing Research

Problem statement
In the recent past there have been a lot of concerns growing as regards support worker in healthcare. Most of them have been extending their practice towards tasks that should only be carried out by the registered professional nurses and midwives (Griffiths & Robinson, 2010). The support workers have been engaging in the midwifery and nursing tasks which involve direct clinical practices, posing serious health risks to the patients and themselves, as they are not trained in these fields. Other than the clinical and health risks that this poses, these practices are not regulated. Therefore, this means that even those that are taking the profession are not being regulated properly, through any form of standardization, especially on the roles that they should play as well as their education and competence levels (NHS Employers, 2013).
The recent years have seen a growing number of proposals brought forward, which promise smooth transition into the regulation process, using diversified modes and levels of regulation protocols.
Purpose and Research Questions
The sole purpose of carrying out this research is defined in several aims. This will help with the regulation of the support workers in healthcare. One of the aims that the research looks to establish is the extent of health risks that the public is exposed to, from these unregulated support workers taking up the roles of the registered nurses and midwives. This is also hinged to the benefits that the system will derive from the regulation process (Griffiths & Robinson, 2010).
In a bid to develop ...

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...ovide a diagram, to illustrate the concepts in the research, it is clear from reading the report. Using the study findings, such as primary sources (surveys) and secondary findings (previous reports on the subject), the writer has conceptualized how this research will bridge the gap of knowledge, regarding regulation of the roles of the support healthcare worker (Griffiths & Robinson, 2010).

Griffiths, P & Robinson, S. (2010). Moving forward with healthcare support workforce regulation. Retrieved from
NHSEmployers. (2013). Minimum standards for healthcare support workers. Retrieved from

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