Research Analysis: A Discussion of the Four Worldviews Essay example

Research Analysis: A Discussion of the Four Worldviews Essay example

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This paper will provide a hypothetical discussion of how each of the four “worldviews” (post-positivism, constructivism, advocacy/participatory, and pragmatism) might apply to the proposed study. It will refer to the topic paper developed during the class RSH9101B (Research Topic, Problem, Purpose, and Questions) with the assistance of Dr. Kenneth Gossett, class mentor. The portion of the Topic Paper to be used will be the problem statement, which will provide the foundation for this discussion and completion of this assignment. This discussion ultimately will lead to the strengthening of this research and the understanding for the need of better researches to help today’s virtual organizations.
The management and development of leadership, trust, and accountability in culturally diverse virtual team members is an important business topic in today’s global economy.
Problem Statement
Today’s organizations operate in a challenging and global environment, which has forced them to become leaners, reduce production cycles, and improve production and communication technology where essential employees and content expertise have been consolidated. Organizational leaders currently do not have definitive evidence of management styles that they should seek to ensure members of a culturally diverse virtual team develop leadership, trust, and accountability. Virtual team management effectiveness will be evaluated under the five main types of management styles (Robert Tannenbaum & Warren H. Schmidt, 1958 & 1973) and other modern styles. These management styles or theories are the autocratic, democratic, bureaucratic, paternalistic, and laissez-faire. However, there are other more “modern” management styles or lead...

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...s can be reliable with a predominant view of how knowledge is constructed that would fit within the worldview framework. The worldviews will contribute to the research design that most likely will be quantitative; however, there is great possibility that it will be mixed. The design of this research will be based on bringing together a worldview or assumptions about research, the specific strategies of inquiry, and research methods. This research will be testing a theory by specifying narrowing hypotheses and the collection of data to support or refute the hypotheses.

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