Essay about Requirements to Be a Personal Trainer

Essay about Requirements to Be a Personal Trainer

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When Brandon Long, a personal trainer from Long Beach, California, was asked what got him interested in personal training, he replied, “I guess it started with my love for exercising and seeing the changes that it makes on your body, mind, and confidence.” There are many reasons why people would want to become a personal trainer. They can be the person who helps someone meet his or her goals and makes them successful. They can be involved with all kinds of people in all kinds of sports. And finally, they also have the ability to work on their own and set their own schedule.
When most people think of a physical trainer the first thing one would think of would probably be a very strong and bulky man, but anyone can do this. (AFAA) The biggest skill you would need is to have the will power to never give up and battle through the pain. In order to be a successful personal trainer it is ideal to have excellent communication skills. You will need these because of the amount of people you are going to have encounters with. You will also need to have a lot of patience in case you have a patient that is slower than you or is struggling with one of the exercises. Another attribute for someone who is interested in the field is someone who is strong mentally and physically and enjoys working hard. It is someone who is not willing to give up and makes sure the tasks have been completed. The last skill needed is to have great listening skills. They need to be able to hear the patient and try to make a nice, comfortable conversation with them. The more relaxed the client is, the more comfortable they will be; and they will likely schedule more sessions.
All personal trainers must have at least a high school diploma. (NFPT) However, ...

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... is that a trainer could see anywhere from 10-12 clients on a busy day. If sessions are an hour each, think of how long of a work day that would be.
Being a personal trainer is not for everyone. However, the ability to help someone with their goals, working with a variety of people, and the opportunity for a trainer to be his own boss and set his own hours makes this a great job to have in the future.

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