Requirements For Successful Transformation Of The Aco Essays

Requirements For Successful Transformation Of The Aco Essays

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2) The NCQA and ACO
The NCQA accreditation for ACO can provide information about the key elements required for successful transformation of the ACO. It can also help in the correct identification of the ACOs that have the right infrastructure, which is required to achieve a triple aim. This means providing the best experience, lower cost and even better health for the patients (Gamble, 2011). NCQA is really significant since it aligns the purchasers who have the same expectations. This program is meant to create an alignment of the healthcare plan with the state, employer, and even the federal purchasers need to form a leverage that will be used in the promoting of organizations to make a transformation for healthcare providers (Carver & Jesie, 2011). The best thing about the ACO accreditation is that it helps making a determination of whether the various organizations have the right infrastructure for accountability. The purchasers are more concerned with whether the organization is in a better position to serve. They are also in need of assurance that they will get quality care from the organizations. Through the process of NCQA accreditation, the purchaser gets the right information (Blazej, 2014).
The NCQA accreditation serves as an important roadmap that allows the provider organizations to demonstrate that they meet the capacity and the requirements to provide services as ACO. The best thing about the accreditation is that it has the right measures that help the organization evaluating its performance by having a good determination whether a specific organization has the capability of becoming an ACO (Cheung-Larivee, 2011). Not all organizations can become an ACO (Berenson, Pronovost, & Krumholz, 2013). Unless they are asse...

... middle of paper ... organizations, the accreditation reduces the cost of insurance. The liabilities that arise from medical errors are significantly reduced since the accreditation promotes the state of art risk reduction strategies (The Joint Commission, 2015).
Another benefit of accreditation is that it also provides professional advice as well as staff education to healthcare organizations (The Joint Commission, 2015). The healthcare professionals who work with the accreditation organization are experts who know a lot about healthcare. The healthcare organizations are set to benefit a lot from the education that they receive from the surveyors. Over time when the accreditation is conducting an onsite review on the organizations can help a lot in improving the skills of the staff. The former also improves the capacity building and organization development (Warburton, 2009).

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