Essay on Requirements for a Career as Licensed Funeral Director

Essay on Requirements for a Career as Licensed Funeral Director

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Your cell phone rings in the middle of the night and you are notified that you have to go to work. After hastily getting ready, you find yourself walking down a hallway; you turn into an empty doorway and enter a dark, cold room that is filled with lifeless bodies waiting to be attended to. This may be an unfavorable situation to many, but to a funeral director, it is just another day at work. In order to become a funeral director, one must be genuinely interested, willing to fulfill the job requirements, be able to cope with death on a daily basis, and still maintain a positive outlook on life.
Usually, people take on the profession of becoming a funeral director, or mortician, because of exposure to a family business or pure interest. An anonymous mortician shares that he “was fascinated by the industry as a kid (Giang. 2013.).” As a twelve year old, he witnessed a terrible accident and saw a corpse being removed from the scene. He said that the corpse was placed “on a stretcher and his head turned to the side looking straight at” him (Giang. 2013.). Most children would be traumatized by such an experience. Instead this occurrence interested him and led him to his profession. Alexandra K. Mosca, a funeral director, states “it’s a person who’s had an experience with a funeral director during the death of a loved one…who will enter the business (Mosca. 2011.).” Despite the pain from the loss of someone in their lives, it is quite surprising that people are still drawn to this profession. They must have been given impeccable service if they became attracted to this line of work and built great relationships with the funeral staff in a short amount of time. It may not be a very common occupation, but this trade is still found to be ...

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...through rigorous training, attain the ability to deal with death in an everyday setting, and still retain the idea of life in a positive way. Similar to people who work in the medical field, morticians want to help others. They aspire to “ease the transition between life and death for families, making the experience of losing a loved one a bit easier to bear (Mosca. 2011.).” Not only do they work behind the scenes, but they are also physically present to ensure that funeral arrangements go according to plan. Funeral directors are there to help with the grieving process because they genuinely care. After all, becoming a mortician is not an easy task. At the end of the day, being a funeral director and an embalmer is still a job. It just a wonderful coincidence that professionals in this field of work are extremely passionate and committed to what they do.

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