The Republican Part Debate : Who Fooling Who? Essay

The Republican Part Debate : Who Fooling Who? Essay

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The Republican Part Debate
Who Fooling Who?
I would like to start off by saying, “Wow,” no one was really clear on any issues and seemed to have eluded a lot of questions to get their personal thoughts across on other issues. The candidates for the debate were chosen according to their standing in 5 national poles. The commentators for the night were
Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier. I think they all did pretty good but Megyn seemed to have asked questions that were based on her personal feelings of certain issues. Her questions were more controversial in nature.
I feel Ben Carson was one of the weakest links on the panel. His tone of voice was weak and his answers did not make me feel he would be a sound good candidate. He was not asked as many question as the other candidates and made a joke of it by saying he did not think he would get to speak again. I did like his stance on the water boarding question. He wore a smoke greys suite with a red polka dot ties and was well groomed.
Senator Rubio said the race should not be a resume competition, if so Hillary Clinton will be the next president. He said he said he would address immigration and repeal Obama Care. He said education should be not handled at the Federal Government level and he is pro -life. His statement about Hillary stood out to me with the point he was trying to get across based on experience of his counterparts.
Jeb Bush – Stated that his brother’s call on the Iraq war was a mistake but blames President Obama for abounding Iraq and the rise of IsIs. This is like the pot calling the kettle black, what a statement. He had no sense of humor at all. He said he is his own man and governs conservatively as a way to separate himself from...

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I do not feel I would vote for any of these candidates, most seem to be pro-life, while I believe life begins at conception I feel a woman should have the right to decide on exterminating a pregnancy if raped. I think most of the candidates tried to remain safe on many of the issues presented. I think Senator Cruz spoke best, when responding to the Facebook questions. Religion is a touchy subject to most and he stood by his beliefs and I was so glad to hear and see this in a candidate. I think Trump did well and spoke soundly on his most of the questions asked.
All of the men were well groomed, while some showed a mild side of humor, most alluded to answering questions. There was not anything I viewed that was out of the norm in debates. I think Trump did best at sticking to the questions and asked and staying within the realm of the question asked.

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