The Republic Of The Dominican Republic Essay

The Republic Of The Dominican Republic Essay

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Belonging to the Dominican Republic, Salcedo is one of the smallest provinces in all of its country. It is also the province that has been recently dedicated to the Mirabal sisters. Four Dominican women who fought for the freedom of the Dominican republic from the Dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. Patia Mercedes, born on February 27, 1924, was the eldest sister. Bélgica Adela Mirabal, the second sister, was born on February 29, 1925. Minerva Argentina, the third sister, was born on March 12, 1926. And lastly, Maria Teresa, the youngest sister was born on October 15, 1936. The four sisters were daughters of Enrique Mirabal Fernández and Mercedes "Chea" Reyes Camilo. The Mirabal family lived in a part of Salcedo named “Ojo De Agua” (Eye Of Water). They were also a family of wealth and delicacy so they were known throughout Salcedo and by most of the country. Due to their popularity, they were invited to a party in San Cristobal in which Trujillo attended. At the party, Trujillo felt enamored with Minerva so he had the family invited to a second party. At the second party, Trujillo was...

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