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India, or the Republic of India is the seventh-largest country by area and the second-most populous country with over a billion people. India is also one of the most popular democracy in the world.
The Indian economy is the world's tenth-largest by GDP. India became one of the fastest-growing major economies at a very firm pace. As India progresses, its dependence on the Internet will escalate at a very rapid pace. Along with this India’s weakness to the menace of cyber-attacks will become greater.
Critical infrastructures and sensitive computer systems in India have been become targets for crackers. They’ve been successful at compromising them and in many cases their compromise hasn’t also not identified for a considerable period of time.
Several obvious cyber security problems exist in India to the extent that they require urgent attention on a priority basis.
Example: A recent media organization reported a successful Chinese cracking attack that caused one of the biggest security breaches in India. It compromised systems of hundreds of key DRDO and other security officials. Many sensitive files related to the cabinet committee on security (CCS), which is the highest decision-making body for security issues of the government of India were leaked as a result of this attack.
A detailed enquiry was ordered which revealed that thousands of top secret CCS files, and other documents related to surface-to-air missile and radar programmes from DRDL, a DRDO laboratory based in Hyderabad, among many other establishments including the e-tickets of the scientists who had travelled to Delhi in the last week of February were found on the server.
India has no have no implementable national cyber security policy as of now. It even...

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...aling answer emerges if we look over back 15 years ago, (1996-1997). Numerous changes have taken place in this period. By the year 2020, the security situation is bound to be far more complex and unsafe.
The important issues for contemplation for a possible cyberspace agreement would be:
National critical infrastructures ought to be protected.
For Internet security issues a mutual understanding of should be evolved.
A widespread culture of cyber security based on belief and security should be encouraged.
Equilibrium between the necessity to sustain law and order and central human rights should be maintained.
India need to raise a Cyber Command. This should include not only the three services but personnel from the DRDO and the scientific and technological community. They could work with the space command because many aspects overlay and would economize on resources.

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