Reproductive Health Education in The North Carolina School System Essay

Reproductive Health Education in The North Carolina School System Essay

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The program called Don’t Be a Sexual Statistic (DBASS), is based on the HYA and implements their mission to provide truthful information regarding reproductive health education in the North Carolina school system. This program requires all seven to ninth graders to have a class every semester or year pertaining to each grade level, teaching the students about reproductive health education. The target group for DBASS, is young children to teenagers from ages twelve to fifteen. This focuses on seven to ninth graders in the North Carolina school system. With students today ages fifteen to nineteen having sex a least once (, 2010), shows that the old ways of teaching health education needs to be revised. This statistics shows that increasing knowledge with comprehensive sex and reproduction health could help lower the statistics and help the students make wiser decision in their future.
The main goal for the DBASS program is to increase knowledge and provide accurate information regarding reproductive health information for seventh to ninth graders in Rowan County North Carolina school system. The objectives of the DBASS, is to target the Middle and High Schools in Rowan County school system area. This includes CC Erwin, China Grove, Corriher Lipe, Knox, North Rowan, Southeast and West Rowan Middle Schools and East, Henderson Independent, JC Carson, North Rowan, Rowan County Early College, Salisbury, South and West Rowan High Schools in Rowan County School System. This brings up another objective, which is to provide one qualified teacher to seventh, eighth, and ninth graders to give them concrete information regarding reproductive and sexual health education, including abstinence and comprehensive curriculum. T...

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...m grade seventh to ninth is qualified to be a part of the DBASS program. The criteria for the program abiding the HYA mission is that the student’s parent or parents have to sign a form, for their child to be in the program. This is not seen as a big problem, since a lot of parents in society today feel that this topic should be addressed more in depth in the school system today. With every student from seventh to ninth grade being qualified and all parents signing the forms, then hopefully with the DBASS program, student will learn accurate information on health and sexual reproduction.

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