Representative Bureaucracy : The Internal Relationship Within A Bureaucratic System

Representative Bureaucracy : The Internal Relationship Within A Bureaucratic System

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Representative Bureaucracy is a theory examining the internal relationship within a bureaucratic system. A representation from a broader group of people might result in policy-making decision help reconcile the problems of under-representativeness. Representative bureaucracy contributes to resolving the social conflicts, and also to improve internal democracy.
This paper will attempt to accomplish three tasks, 1) engaging in a brief overview on Representative Bureaucracy and discussion of the theory both in the passive representation and the active representation; 2) examines principal-agent theory that contributes to the understanding in representative bureaucracy in different views, and 3) explore diverse public values in representative bureaucracy such as democracy, responsiveness and equity, to establish an understanding of how representative bureaucracy approached the significant theoretical as well as practical matters in public administration. Representative Bureaucracy can be applied to strengthen the representativeness and responsiveness in practical decision-making environment by representing minorities’ interests.

The question of the proper role of performance management is a central topic that the number of scholars has conducted in the United States of America has consumed much time and effort among as well as other democratic countries in the world. Today, most developed countries have a performance management system to offer the effective public service and to enhance the efficiency of the government functions. Since the late 1970s due to the recession and the sharp reduction in government revenue in the context of global economic crisis resulted in the increased the interest of efficiency and...

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...n theory that decisions are bounded by patterns or biases in individual information processing. Rationality is a central concept in decision theory, and the variation of it has introduced a different form from pure rationality that both forms of the decision logic describing limited rationality. It is worthwhile to consider irrationality in the decision. Beyond the foundation of rational choice theory, contemporary decision-making research has evolved into the focus on irrationality.
Note that the consilience requires outstanding experts where even uncommon in the physical sciences. Interestingly, the social scientists ' research differs from each other in terms of the fact that anything to do with the human species has little consistency. This is the same manner that people might share common senses; however, every individual is unique and different from each other.

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