Representation of Women in Mice and Men by John Steinbach Essay

Representation of Women in Mice and Men by John Steinbach Essay

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Curley's wife, comparable to most other characters in the novel, is a type of character with little discrepancy, moreover being the only woman in novel. Curley’s wife is demonstrated by her position and part. This part is however, being a possession of Curley or a wife. She is heavily insulted and looked upon as inferior: George and Candy call her "jailbait" and "tart", which supports the fact that he has no voice and as a matter of fact, no name – simply being referred to as Curley’s wife. Due to her lack of power, she attempts to gain it by leeching off those with power. This leeching is portrayed as her seducing the other men on the ranch who have large presence like Slim: “Hi Slim” supports a casual and somewhat flirtatious approach to the other men. She seduces other by wearing far too much makeup and dressing like a "whore" with “red fingernails” and red shoes with ostrich feathers.
Furthermore, Lennie is captivated by her alluring beauty and cannot take his eyes off her, constantly mentioning that "she's purty". George, recognising Lennie's intoxication, cautions him to keep his distance from this temptress. Moreover, Curley's wife understands that her magnetising beauty is the main reason control and her authority, and she fully deploys it to seduce the other ranch hands and make her husband jealous of her, which in turn gives her attention. However, she is completely isolated on the ranch and her husband has made it so that no one will talk to her without having a fistfight with the man.
Subsequently, Steinbeck's first mention of Curley's wife displays her as a vindictive and seductive temptress. Steinbeck, using biblical references, relates her to Eve in the in the Garden of Eden – she brings evil into men’s lives b...

... middle of paper ...

...aying she “ain’t tryin’ very hard” ; George, on the other hand, treats her like “jailbait”; he never initiates conversation only replying ‘curtly’ and literally. Lennie is shown to be fascinated by her femininity and sexuality as his eyes move “down over her body”; he is unaware of the risk he is taking.
Steinbeck also presents another view of Curley’s wife. In his omniscient description [form: overall writing technique] of her, he writes that she ‘bridles a little’ at Lennie’s attention; she is metaphorically shying away from the fixated attention. Steinbeck also unobtrusively mentions that she is a ‘girl’; both these observations suggest her innocence and vulnerability.
Later, we learn of her isolation and broken dreams and get a deeper insight into why she behaves as she does; we begin to feel sorry for her even though, ironically, we never discover her name.

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