The Representation Of Miss Representation Essay

The Representation Of Miss Representation Essay

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Miss Representation is a documentary about the negative ways that women are portrayed
in the media. The title is a play on words, being both representative of the word
misrepresentation as well as the actual title, Miss Representation. Miss Representation is
significant as the title because, looking at it as a proper noun, it works as the woman who is
being shown and represented through the media. Misrepresentation works to show how women
are portrayed in a manner that does not show who they really are, but rather frames them as
sexual, one-dimensional objects there for either men’s viewing pleasure or as a source of
mockery. Not only are women represented badly in the media, but men are almost completely in
control of the it and thus of how women are publicized. Jane Fonda, among many other women
in Hollywood, was asked to have cosmetic surgery done in order to play a part. Botox and dental
work were just a couple of the requests made my male directors who feel that a woman in her
natural form isn’t good enough to play their roles. Women in movies discuss how finding a
multi-dimensional character to play is uncommon, and it is very seldom that there is a female-led
movie that isn’t about a male or finding heterosexual love of some sort. If a woman is the lead
character of a movie, she is scandalously dressed and very obviously there for male
consumption. There is also the sense that women getting the bare minimum is enough, such as
with television networks. When the idea to create another women’s television network was
proposed, the idea was questioned by a man asking, “Why do we need another women’s
television network? We already have one.” Meanwhile, there are 22 ESPN networks which are
considered inherently “male” networks. Wo...

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...ven completely ignored in politics as well, such as Nancy Pelosi, who was a
speaker of the house for four years and not on the cover of a single national weekly magazine.
Miss Representation took a significant amount of examples and demonstrated how
women are completely skewed in the eyes of the media. The sexualization and mockery of
women is commonplace, and seeing how women are displayed gives everyone involved
unrealistic expectations of how women are supposed to act. Men are given the impression that
women are there for men’s sexual consumption, and women are given the impression that they
are insignificant if they don’t look a certain way and that they are all battling for men’s attention.
Having a new understanding of how much of the media is controlled by males and the patriarchy
as a whole is a huge reason there are so many issues with sexism in this country.

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