The Representation Of God : Jewish And Christian Scriptures Essay

The Representation Of God : Jewish And Christian Scriptures Essay

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The representation of God in Jewish and Christian scriptures
The religions of Christianity and Judaism are very similar, because both believe in “One God, Jehovah, God of Abraham” (Christianity and Judaism ). Judaism was founded around 1300 BCE with Christianity followed in roughly around 30 CE with the death of Jesus. The two religions share many characterizes because Judaism was a “parent” of Christianity. In other words, Christianity can be thought of as an extension of Judaism because its followers adhere to most of the teachings in the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Old Testament) while also accepting the teachings of the New Testament. In both the Jewish and Christian scripture the idea of God is represented in a noticeably distinct way. The purpose of this essay is to identify the representation of God in both the Hebrew text and the New Testament.
The God in the Hebrew Bible is particularly interesting to discuss because the presence of God is represented less and less as the scripture goes on. The Hebrew Bible begins with the creation of Adam and Eve who resided in the Garden of Eden. In the creation story, the deity of God is depicted as a humanoid that walked through the Garden and talked to Adam and Eve face to face. God’s interactions with Abraham also highlighted his early interventions in human’s life. Abraham believed that God spoke to him on numerus occasions which directed him on his decision making. God also made his presence known when he gave Moses the ten commandments so that his followers understand what they must do in order to live a righteous life.

God’s presence starts to fade as the scripture goes on however. “God seemed to have withdrawn from humanity. He only appeared in ancient Israel...

... middle of paper ...

...ipture and the God in the Christian scripture have distinct different representations through the writings. Each religion believes in One God, the God of Abraham, however the representation of God is significantly different. Whereas the Jews believe that “the Lord is One”, Christians believe that God is made up of three separate essences. The primarily reason in which Christians in the Trinity is the believe of Jesus as God in human flesh, resulting in the need for both “The Father” and “The Son” representation of God. “Judaism strongly denies that Jesus was God…Jesus Christ is the all-important distinction between Christianity and Judaism” (What is the difference between Christianity and Judaism?). Therefore, there is no need for the Jewish scripture to describe God as more than one entity, resulting in the differing representation of God in each of the scriptures.

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