Essay on Report On Organic Food Industry

Essay on Report On Organic Food Industry

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HI5004 Marketing Management
Assessment 2- Group Assignment
Report on Organic Food Industry
(Woolworths – Macro Brand)

Student Details
Name & Student ID Amir Shova Bajracharya – SDU2460
Abdul Nabi Shaikh – EMV20478
Ganga Ghimre – EMV20643
Jaya Jawalkar - DC2369
Ram Prabal Chaudhary – VBE2066
Due Friday Week 10 19th September 2016
Course Masters of Business Administration
Lecturer Mr. Jas Paul Chawla
Referencing Style Harvard Style

Table of Contents
1) Executive Summary 2
2) Introduction on MACRO Brand Organic Food 3
3) Market segmentation 3
4) Target Marketing 6
5) Positioning 6
6) Micro and Macro Environment for Organic Food 6
7) Consumer Perception and Behaviour about the Brand 6
8) Marketing Mix 7
9) Conclusion: 7
10) References 7

1) Executive Summary
The global organic industry is the fastest growing food category, with demand outstripping supply in most developed economies. This presents significant export opportunities for Australia. Organics is practiced in over 120 countries of which Australia has the largest area of certified organic land with over 12.3 million hectares available.
Since 2000, the Australian organic industry has more than doubled in value. Currently there are over 2,500 organic operators representing all levels of the supply chain. The Australian organic industry comprises a diverse range of products, which is expanding due to increasing consumer demand. The most important sectors are beef and horticulture.
Companies are increasingly focusing on everyday foodstuffs, particularly whole fruit and fruit juices, which carry the ‘naturally healthy’ message. Berries, oats, whole grains, almonds, peanuts and fresh orange jui...

... middle of paper ...

...od with the advertisement done by producers. Promotion of organic food helps to change the old habits concerning nutrition, health standards and satisfaction of the consumer. Through various advertisements, TV, Radio, post, social media promotion of organic food is done which motivates consumers to purchase organic food products.
9) Conclusion:

10) References
Hui-Shung Chang, L. Z. a. G. G., 2005. The Australian Organic Food Products Market: Overview, Issues and Research Needs. Australasian Agribusiness Review, 13(15).
Koen Mondelaers, W. V. G. V. H., 2009. Importance of health and environment as quakity traits in the buying decision of organic products. British Food Journal, 111(10), pp. 1120-1139.
Organicfood, 2015. Organic [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 06 May 2015].

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