Report of the Meeting with the School Board Essay

Report of the Meeting with the School Board Essay

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On Monday,October 14, 2013 at 7:00 P.M., I attended the Bradford Area School District school board meeting at Floyd C. Fretz Middle School in the large group instruction room. This meeting was important for the teachers, students, and the schools in the district. It provided information that correlated to the material in class and a perspective on what situations as a future teacher I may experience.
The meeting began when the school board members entered the large group instruction room and took their seats at a panel table angled to the side of the audience. The school board consists of nine elected members from the community. The members are as follows: Paul Ridley (President), Pat Vigliotta (Vice President), Helen Cumminskey (Secretary), Carla Manion ( Asst. Secretary), Timothy Bean (Treasurer), David Feely (Board Member), Keith Hatch (Board Member), Shane Oschman (Board Member), and Joseph Troutman (Board Member). Three members of the board were missing; however because of where the seats were located I could not see who was missing. Also, the member did not introduce themselves and left before people could address them.
Also in attendance to the meeting where, Samuel Johnson (Director of Human Resource), Katy Pudy (Superintendent), all school Principals and Vice Principals in the district, and teachers of the local schools.
The first part of the meeting dealt with honoring the three members of the board with an award from from the PA School Board Association. This award is given for the first eight years on the board and every four years after. Mr.Troutman, Mr. Ridley, and Mr. Vigliotta were the recipients of the award. In class, we discussed that most members of the board are upper class, white males. Looking at this aw...

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...d that parent teacher conferences are in swing and a child abuse conference will be held. The child abuse conference could greatly affect me as an educator because in class we learned that you are a mandated reporter. This means that any suspected abuse must be reported; the teacher is also protected. The school board makes decisions to have these conferences in order to keep the staff and students protected.
As you can see the school board handles many issues from budgets, to tenure, to performance scores, to conferences. Although this paper did not cover everything in the meeting, it summarized what took place, and what affects it would have on teachers. The decisions made no matter how big or small can influence how and what task a teacher performs. The school board meeting was interesting because you are able to see how the changes could affect you personally.

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