Essay on Replenishing Global Fisheries

Essay on Replenishing Global Fisheries

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As frightening as it is, in the near future, the world will observe exceeding desire for products produced through the aquaculture industry; however, this surge in predilection towards the industry will have no room (Mfadwo and Tsamenyi 121). Foremost, global climate change expects to contribute to disrupting migration patterns and possibly dilapidate local environments (Axelrod 64: Sumaila “Benefits” 1). Furthermore, when stocks receive extensive commercial fishing, the international community experiences a backlash. Evidence continually presents itself that the international community must acknowledge methods to restore fish stocks as species dwindle to fewer and fewer numbers (Boon 1; Sumaila “Benefits” 1). However, some will write it off as an expensive effort and not worth the time, as it would cost a maximum of $292 billion each year (Sumaila “Benefits” 2). Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have offered some help in rehabilitating damaged habitats, but policymakers recommend raising the meek number of areas, which stands at fewer than 1 percent of the ocean, to a minimum of 10 percent of waters (Cullis-Suzuki and Pauly 113). Ultimately, rebuilding the international fish stock must return a worthwhile yield (Axelrod 82; Boon 1; Sumaila “Benefits” 1).
Initially, one must contemplate just how vital rebuilding the international fish stock is. A reconstructed fishing industry where the international community has effectively restored habitats and populations stands to accumulate amounts reaching $101 billion. With this evidence, it is clear the industry holds an indispensable international market (Sumaila “Benefits” 1). Data frequently demonstrates that the yield of fish harvested verse the number paramount to cultivate proper growin...

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