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Replacing Your Computer System Essay

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to take out a new piece of equipment just to replace with one that is already old. Fortunately, there comes a time when this occurs. I am talking about “Replicating the Old in the New”. In this report, you will be given some cause and effects on the implementation issues, how misinformation can lead to internal sabotage, and what the outcome and lessons of what not to do. First, we will commence with the implementation issues of attempting to replicate the old in the new.
According to Steve Copley, IGCSE ICT, there are many ways that you an implement an old system with the new ones. One is by a direct changeover where you are able to simply switch off the old computer system and begin the new one. This means you are able to minimize the down time and you will start using the new system right away. But on the other hand, if you do start the new system and it does not work properly, or you are not able to use the backup data from the old system, all your data could be lost. Not only this, your staff will have not time to use the new system before projects or deadlines are due. Not only is it hard on your employees, it is extremely hard to revert back to the old system if you new one fails.
Another way to implement a new system, says Steve Copley, is to start the new system while you are still using the old system. This is called a parallel implementation. The advantages of having a parallel implementation is that you can use the old system to keep the old system as a back up to the new, but a disadvantage is that you will have to enter he information in the computer twice. This could be very time intensive and consume a lot of effort.
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