The Reoccurring Discussion Of Health Care Essay

The Reoccurring Discussion Of Health Care Essay

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The reoccurring discussion for health care in the United States seems to be a push for universal health care, just as other developed countries have, because it is best for the people of a nation. So, what happens when the population of a nation is four times larger than any other? Can that country adequately be utilized or compared to as a model for universal health care systems of another country when population sizes and dominant cultural characteristics are so different?
Britain and Indonesia are both island nations that have universal health care systems. Because of the vast difference of population, the health care systems differ greatly, as well as the delivery of patient care, but the foundation is the same. Britain has a population of approximately 64 million people were Indonesia has a population of nearly 249 million people according to the CIA World Factbook. Let’s compare the two countries due to the fact that Brittan is considered the beacon of health care in the world and Indonesia has a population number closest to the United States.
The country of Britain is part of the National Health Service (NHS) overseen by the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Britain has a budget for its universal health care system called the National Health Service, of 116 billion dollars in 2015, to care of 64 million people. So, what does this budget in health care get the people of Britain? At the end of 2014, a Gallup poll was conducted by Cheat Sheet, it found that Britain had the number one health care system in the world. It scored a 95% because of its efficiency for cost, access, and follow-up care. This poll was conducted with 10 other countries. The United States being the worst of the 11 countries (E.Rawes...

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...than 18 weeks. With the statistics reported and outlined here, we can see that although Brittan has a universal health care system the quality of care received by the population is subpar.
One more note to add, on December, 10th 2015, information leaked to the BBC, reported that from 2011-2015 over 1,400 people died without known cause under of National Health Service care. The people that died unexpectedly were of society’s most vulnerable, all were special needs patients. These patient deaths were not investigated and the families of the dead were not given information on how their loved ones died (E. Casalicchio 2015).
Although the United States ranked 11th in the study mentioned above, its ranked 2nd in the world for the quality of care (E.Rawes 2015). This is huge because Brittan has only, 64 million people, compared to the United States, 350 million people.

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