Essay on Renewable Energy Resources For Renewable Sources

Essay on Renewable Energy Resources For Renewable Sources

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Why do we need to rely on renewable sources? Most of the energy that we use today come from fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil. All of these resources are non-renewable, it can finish one day. In order to have a better world and a healthy environment for the future, people are trying to obtain energy from natural resources instead of non-renewable sources. In the lecture “Renewable energy resources” (2014), Mistry focuses on some advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. There are different kind of resources that we can use in order to produce renewable energy. Solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power are just some of the kinds of renewable energy that might be the best options to obtain energy because they come from natural resources.

In “Renewable energy sources”, Mistry (2014) says that using renewable energy has more advantages than disadvantages for the environment. Although renewable energy can be expensive to build, it has less environmental damages in comparison to non-renewable energy. Besides the natural resources such as sun, wind, water and hydrogen, we also have geothermal power, and biofuels as renewable sources. First of all, solar energy is the energy produced when the sun heats the solar panel. Thus, when the sun heat the panels, it produces electricity. Solar power produces energy during the day and can storage energy for the night. Solar power does not pollute so much the environment. However, it has high maintenance cost, and it takes a large land space. Secondly, 15% of World electricity comes from wind. In order to have wind energy, it is important to have turbines to get the wind in order to produce electricity. Tall turbines produce more energy. The drawbacks of wind power are th...

... middle of paper ... usually earthquakes just happen when there is a large project. Moreover, in places where have a hydroelectric dams, part of the river is removed and/or the fishes run away to another place. Altogether, although large projects of hydroelectric dams can generate earthquakes and shortage of fish, it still one of the main shortage in energy production.

In conclusion, due to the fact that Sun, wind, and water are natural resources, they are used to produce renewable energy. One of the main purpose of using natural resources is the idea of having a non-damaged environment without pollution. The mentioned drawbacks of renewable energy are reasons why we did not switch yet completely from fossil fuels to renewable energy. However, its benefits will clearly benefit the ecosystem and the entire world. Renewable energy might make the future without environmental problems.

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