Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic Technology Essay

Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic Technology Essay

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Renewable energy is defined as energy from a source that is not exhausted when used. Renewable energy sources get their energy from existing, on-going natural processes. These sources are classified as primary sources of energy and are namely biomass, geothermal, hydro, wind, tidal and solar.

The estimated electricity consumption of 30 TW worldwide is projected by 2050, from the current 10 TW. This growth is attributed to the growth of population sizes, infrastructure development and rollout. Conventional energy sources are depleting and the environmental effects of their usage are devastating. The changing climate conditions can be linked directly or indirectly to today’s patterns of energy production. The over reliance on fossil fuels has been under fire from environmentalists and governments around the world are beginning to change policies to encourage the use of renewable energy. One example worth stating here is the introduction of carbon emission tax, which has been delayed here in South Africa until 2015.

The sun is the main source of energy and is abundantly available to all, and can reach all. For this reason, I believe the development of technology to harness this energy will be crucial in supplying power, especially, in places where expensive infrastructure development is required.

This assignment will focus on photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic systems convert solar radiation directly into useful electricity in direct current form. A typical photovoltaic system consists of the following components; PV Solar Array, Diodes, power conditioner, battery storage (optional), inverter and the load and/or utility grid. A usual arrangement of the system is shown in the diagram

Figure 1 BLOCK DIAGR...

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