Renewable Energies And Our Future Essay

Renewable Energies And Our Future Essay

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The United States currently relies on coal, oil, and natural gas to run our everyday lives. These different types of fossil fuels are nonrenewable and will eventually dwindle over time, becoming too expensive or too environmentally damaging to retrieve (Renewable Energy, 2015). Different types of renewable energies are being discovered to better our world today. These renewable energies are also called green energy, and come from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, tides, and plants (Stephanie Rogers, 2012). Green energy will never dwindle away allowing us a continuous supply of energy to power our everyday lives in the future. This paper will cover facts of our nation using energy, and also cover the different alternatives of energy.It will also cover the use of elctric vehicles and educating our youth about their future.
Our world has used energy to run our everyday lives for millions of years. From as simple as using tree limbs and lighting them on fire. Coal has been a major source of energy as early as 2000 BC for our world to energize the continuously growing population. Coal is not only unhealthy for us to inhale, but it has contaminated our air numerous ways as a byproduct of converting the fossil fuels into energy that we can use. As countries unite together, we need to come up with innovative ways to power our way of living. According to Senate President pro Tempore de Leon (2015), “We are showing the world through innovation how we can transition and increase access to renewable energy while cleaning up the air we breath. Especially in our most polluted communities.” This really shows that California alone is pushing to improve the air we breath.

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...time to charge their vehicle. Another example is very strange. The sound of the car is a factor. Drivers are use to the noise of a regular gas engine car. Many just simply enjoy the sound of their own car while for others it’s dangerous. The blind are having some tough times noticing if electric cars are even near them, because of the little to no sound that these EV’s create. Abdul-Matin also states “We need more people driving electric cars to hopefully inspire the next great innovation in electric cars.” According to Samantha Michaels (2015), “ Every year, cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles like tractor-trailers, school buses, and fire engines guzzle more than six billion gallons of fuel simply by idling their engines.” We as a nation must gather our knowledge of green alternative energy and create a better sustaining electric vehicle and educate our youth.

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