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The Rendezvous Grand Hotel Auckland is situated in the heart of Auckland’s central business area and is easily accessed by an underground tunnel from Aotea Center, The Civic, Auckland Town Hall and Aotea Square. The Rendezvous Grand Hotel provides you with a superior experience through excellent service and attention to detail. In the hotel there are 452 stylish rooms and suite rooms with different features.
This hotel has been honoured for its hospitality excellence in consistently achieving outstanding traveller reviews on websites such as tripadvisor.
The hotel has excellent facilities for the guests stay. Guests also can enjoy swimming in the hotel’s heated indoor pool or savouring a delicious teppanyaki meal at Katsura Japanese Restaurant or dining at Atrium Lounge or Straits café.
If guests want to host an event, they can use the versatile conference facilities at Rendezvous Grand Hotel, which includes 15 modern function rooms and an event management team to help ensure the guest event is a success. It could be a 4-person business meeting or a cocktail reception for1,000 guests (Rendezvous Hotels).
Mostly business people come to stay at the hotel, because the hotel gives different types of facilities to customers like meeting rooms, printer, internet and conference rooms. But in the summer holidays domestic tourists also come to enjoy the services of the hotel, because the hotel gives a good discount.
Organization Structure for Rendezvous Hotel Food and Beverage Department.

Food and Beverage Manager
The Food and Beverage Manager is responsible for the implementation and setting of the food and beverage policies. The manager is also responsible for profit margins. The manager organises regular meetings with heads of de...

... middle of paper ...

...shelf is clean and sanitized before making any meal or food. If any wastage is on the shelf then dispose of it quickly. Use the chemicals carefully and keep them in a safe place once staff uses it. Waiter’s uniforms should be clean.
The Rendezvous Grand Hotel is very famous in Auckland. New Zealand is a tourism country. So the future plan of this hotel is to attract more tourists in the hotel with different kinds of facilities. The hotel take cares of all tourists with their different types of facilities. The hotel has made a good management team for the future to give good service. This hotel has one more branch in Christchurch. Hotel management also focuses on that property to make it one of the best hotels in Christchurch. The hotel has the goal to give good and best service to customers. They are trying to make a safer environment in the hotel.

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