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The Renaissance Time Era Essay

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The renaissance time era
This time era was filled with many good things that allow modern life to exist. The Renaissance was a time of many new ideas and many new practices in medicine, entertainment, punishments and many other topics. Without the knowledge that was gained in this era many things that we take for granted now would never of existed. In this essay I will tell you about the many things that occurred during this time period and how people in this time would have lived their daily lives.
The clothing that the people of this time wore is very different from today. The people who lived in this time were very conservative in what they wore and how they acted. They were mostly very religious and that also played a huge role in their daily lives. They believed that god judged everything they did so they tried to live life by the bible. Men and women dressed very differently from what they do now. For example men had four essential articles of cloths. The first piece was a shirt or as they called a “camicia”. If you were rich you never just wore the camicia alone because that meant you were just a poor working class man. The second piece of clothing was a “doublet” which is a small jacket that had no sleeves. They would also wear a skirt and knee high socks and a jacket that went down to their knees. The women also wore many layers of clothing. They wore many dresses and they were very big and colorful. They wore shoes that were very weird they were just like high heels today but looked very different. The women would wear a dress that reached to the ground and they wore an outer jacket that was of equal length. The quality of the garment and what it was made of would determine the lady’s social class. The people back the...

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... from this time era. Humanity learned a lot from this period in time. This was known as the period of learning due to all the medical breakthroughs and other scientific discoveries that were developed during this time.

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