The Renaissance Era Of England Essay

The Renaissance Era Of England Essay

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The Renaissance era of England began after the War of the Roses and the country experienced a time of relative peace. The literature of this time is predominantly written by nobility for nobility to read; however, by the middle of the era there is a broader audience that includes any educated citizen and, eventually, the common people. The growing availability of printed books expanded the market for these sonnets and literature creating the current market of literature. With this market growing, the general populace was given access to works of nobility that had otherwise been barred to them. Many of these works were published post humorously because of a lack of regard for what many of the nobility considered only a past time or an amusement for the nobility and not lower citizens. By the sixteenth century, there was a larger regard for the literary arts and their authors. This growing regard gave way to the experimentation that lead into future poetic forms and themes. The progression from court manuscript to large scale publication is the beginning of a shift in the awareness of the reader’s response to a poem or work beyond the significance of profit and because of the importance of profit.
The poetic style of the time was dominated by sonnets following a Petrarchan format eventually leading into other styles of sonnets and poems relying on a meter. Many poets keep to this style and used many of the same themes as Petrarch in the early days of the English Renaissance, for example, Sir Thomas Wyatt and Sir Phillip Sidney kept to a more traditional sonnet theme. As the sonnet form become more used and ,in later decades, overly predictable there became twists to the form, for instance, the Shakespearean sonnet developed by Hen...

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...e sonnet and plays he writes for the common audience. The slow shift from a nobility pastime and way of subterfuge to a profession by a common individual is a large step that progressed during the Renaissance.
The first half of the English Renaissance shows a great diversity in style and theme as is proper for a time of discovery and rediscovery. Sonneteers throughout this early period of the Renaissance were of a higher standing giving a more narrow view of the expectation of the populace, nevertheless, after their deaths there is a rapid development to publication. This phenomenon was followed through even after wishes for their works to be burned. The desire for well written work and the monetary gain permits future study of these to-be-classic works to be representative of a reader conscious sonnet differing from past writings of history or religious purposes.

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