The Renaissance Era, An Upbringing Of New Cultural Ideas And Innovations

The Renaissance Era, An Upbringing Of New Cultural Ideas And Innovations

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The Renaissance era, an upbringing of new cultural ideas and innovations. People began to expand their knowledge on humanism, music, science, artistic and social innovations. During this time period, art had begun to play a significant role in society. Artists have not only received a commission for their works, but also the world-renown frame. Two artists who have become famous for their works during the Italian Renaissance are Donatello and Michelangelo. These artists have both depicted David, a biblical hero. David defeated the giant, known as Goliath, with the help of God, has been acknowledged as the icon for many republics, including the city of Florence (Harris and Zucker). Although the two artists are portraying the same character, there are many unique differences in their work.
The first statue of David was depicted by Donatello in the 1440s of the Early Renaissance. The Medici family, the most prominent family in Florence, commissioned Donatello to sculpt the statue. Since Florence adopted David as the icon of their city, the Medici family desired to bestow the city a representation of their leadership and pride. The Florentine people felt very much identified with David because they had also defeated their enemy, the Duke of Milan, in the early 14th century (Harris and Zucker). David, who is a biblical hero, and the underdog in the fight, defeated his enemy, the Goliath. Donatello’s David had introduced many distinctive classical themes, such as “the return of the nude.” Until his time period, nude
Figure 1. The bronze sculpture of David created by Donatello of the Early Renaissance in the mid-15th century. (Krén and Marx)

artwork had been created centuries ago in ancient Greece and Rome. Donatello portrays the re...

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...ead at his feet and the powerful sword in his hand, but portrays the youth in the phase immediately preceding the battle” (Krén and Marx). Michelangelo and Donatello have had a few techniques in common between their sculptures. The first would be the contrapposto stance their statues are in. Another would be how their sculptures are free standing. This means that they are both able to stand without any extra support. As a result, the two have prevailed as artists and gave true significance to the Renaissance. Donatello and Michelangelo, both being the great artist they are, have portrayed a new way to depict the biblical hero David. Donatello brought back the concept of nude artworks. Michelangelo studied the human body and embraced its characteristics in his work. Using their unique styles, the two artists were able to create very prominent sculptures in art history.

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